Facade constructions

Thermally insulated facade FW50 +
  • self-supporting, thermally insulated structure of pillars and crossbars
  • the apparent width of pillars and crossbars is 50 mm respectively. 60 mm
  • large ranges
  • the possibility of a combination with all AWS window and door systems ADS
  • a variety of design options and a wide selection of external cover profiles
  • against the burglar and anti-lightning performance system components
  • sound and thermal insulation
  • simple and fast installation

Structural thermally insulated facade FW50 + SG
  • Glass weight up to 375 kg (FW50 +) or up to 450 kg (FW 60 + SG) at fixed glazing
  • two-piece spacer isolated glass of stainless steel
  • Implementation of the joint with silicone sealant, which may be U-shaped or surface-aligned, as well as a possibility of filling the joint with the structural silicone
  • European technical license to ETAG 002
  • filigree shadow joints
  • profiles visible only from the inner side
  • the possibility of different combinations of the standard system FW 50+ and FW 60+
  • good thermal and sound insulation.

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